The Bike Coalition regularly provides classes and workshops to the public. Please see our event calendar for upcoming workshops.

Workshops we offer:

TS 101 Smart Cycling: 

This two day course will get you comfortable on the road and ready to commute or make those short trips to the store, library, or park. This course includes a 3 hour classroom portion as well as a 6 hour road portion. You will learn the following: proper bike & helmet fit, safety tips for riding in traffic, techniques for navigating hazardous roads, emergency maneuvers, using public transit with a bike, your legal rights and responsibilities. You will also receive hands on instruction on fixing a flat and bicycle adjustments. Children under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult. To see classes, click here.

Basic Bike Skills Class:

Not comfortable on the road? Get ready for your commute as we cover general bike safety, legal rights and responsibilities, and emergency maneuver skills. Course includes 1.5 hour classroom learning, 2.5 hours on bike drills/on-road riding. There will be a break for lunch, where we will ride to a restaurant. You can also pack your own lunch.  Children under 18 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult. To see classes, click here.


Bike Rodeos:
A Bicycle Rodeo is a bicycle skills event, taught on a school playground or parking lot, which provides an opportunity for kids and teens to practice and develop skills that will help them become better bicyclist and avoid typical crashes. Its objective is to teach children and teens the importance of seeing, being seen and remain under control at all times when riding a bicycle. This is achieved through a series of bicycle handling drills and simulation of traffic situations. Bicycle skills stations give students the opportunity to practice a variety of specific bike handling skills and procedures for operating a bike legally and more safely on the street.

School Assemblies:
Elementary Safety Assemblies are a great way to get information about walking and biking safely to students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. This interactive 40 minute presentation covers the basics of walking and biking to school in a fun and exciting format. We cover helmet fit, bike rules, street crossing tips, driver communication, sidewalk riding, and more! This event can handle up to 250 students per assembly.

School Community Rides:

Community Rides offer kids and parents an opportunity to ride with an instructor safely around their own neighborhood. This ride is a way to utilize a road setting to practice new bike handling skills and best practices in a group setting. Bikes are for transportation as much as fun, and this ride helps to reinforce that.  The ride uses separated bicycle facilities and roads with low traffic volume whenever possible.

Brown Bag Presentation:

This 45 minute presentation is intended for employees during the lunch hour. The Bike Coalition will schedule a bike safety and bike commuting presentation that provides safety tips, information on the law, and a question and answer portion for curious new commuters.

Group Ride:

If you would like an introduction to road riding, riding in a group or just a nice morning out with some fun bicyclists, this is a ride for you.  The rides are typically 4-5 miles, mostly flat on separated facilities and lightly traveled roads. We do it at a pace that encourages talking and interaction. We talk a lot, stop a lot, while having fun and getting information about riding in various situations. No one is ever left behind.

To learn more about our classes and workshops, contact Sylvie Froncek, Programs Director at