Bike Clubs

At the Bike Coalition we encourage and promote all types of riding, including recreational riding. There are over a dozen bicycle clubs in San Diego that cater to a wide ranges of abilities, styles, ages and locations. We encourage you to check out the bicycle clubs that are members of the Bike Coalition. Representatives from each of these clubs meet quarterly to discuss issues that matter to their club and its riders and receive updates on bike advocacy and education initiatives the Bike Coalition is working on throughout the county. Is your club interested in becoming members of the Coalition? Click here  to view our club information packet. Member Clubs of the Bike Coalition
  • Sierra Club Bike Section –  Hosts rides from social to challenging.
  • San Diego Cyclovets –  incorporated to preserve, develop, and administer the sport of amateur bicycle racing at the masters-age, under the permit of the USCF.
  • Knickerbikers –  Bicycle touring club, offering day trips (mostly on the road, but some mountain biking) throughout San Diego County.
  • San Diego Bicycle Club –   The oldest bicycle club in San Diego and since 1946 has supported men and women riders of all ages, from juniors to masters.
  • Major Taylor Cycling Club San Diego –  A group who is promoting healthier living in our community and diversity in cycling.
  • Descenders Cycling Club – A San Diego Cycling Club that appreciates the adventure of cycling the remote and challenging roads in San Diego County and mountains of California. Riders: Experienced, Ride style: Fast paced
  • Bike Buddies
  • Blind Stokers Club – Tandem teamwork. Based on teamwork and mentoring, to introduce and share the simple pleasures of recreational bicycling with those who cannot see well enough to pilot a bike.